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Have a question? A-Plus Vinyl Fencing in Calgary encourages you to browse our most frequently asked questions listed below. Should you not find the answer to your specific question, please feel free to contact us directly!

What is the wind load of your fence?

Privacy fence is rated at 110 mph.

What kind of product warranty do you have?

Our fence is covered by a lifetime warranty which covers chipping, cracking, warping, and rotting.

Do you have an installation warranty?

Yes, we have a 1 year installation warranty which covers faulty installation or faulty craftsmanship on our part.

Do you sell materials only?

Yes. And we help those looking to do large jobs.

Do you install all over the province?

Typically we install in Calgary and the surrounding area.

Why should we buy from you and not your competition?

There are many reasons to buy from us rather than our competition: Lower costs, higher quality, an excellent product warranty, an install warranty, timely scheduling, and fantastic customer service.

How does the quality of your vinyl compare to others?

We carry the thickest post (.160″), slat (.060″), and rail (.100″) on the market with the best product warranty.

What is your turnaround time on installation or picking up my product?

Installation is usually 1-2 days from start to finish.

What are your payment options?

We typically require no deposit. Payment is made upon completion and satisfaction.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, checks and cash.

Do you have contractor pricing?

Yes, we offer contractor pricing according to the volume of the product purchase.

Do you have volume pricing?

Yes, we offer volume pricing according to the volume of the product purchase.

Can you customize my vinyl project?

Yes, anything you can visualize, invent, or dream of, we can build!

Do you give on-site estimates?

Yes, please call our office at 403-464-7587 and talk to one of our friendly sales staff.

What products do you offer?

Our product line includes the following: Fence in White, Tan, Adobe, Grey, And Dark Maple

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