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Vinyl Fence Products in Calgary

The style and strength of our PVC fence come from our common quality like aluminum rail inserts and 2-3/8” diameter steel posts. To learn more about the aspects that make our DFS Vinyl Products™ the best, click here.

Installation of Residential Vinyl Fences in Calgary

Whether you are looking to add more privacy for your backyard in an overcrowded neighbourhood or your business needs a clear line specifying its space,  you should think about vinyl fencing. Residents and business owners can count on A-Plus Vinyl Fencing for various types of vinyl options for their property. Our team will assist you in choosing the style of vinyl fencing for your needs and budget. Contact us today for a quote for your home or business. 

Built To Last A Long Time

A-Plus Vinyl Fencing can give you beautiful and high-quality vinyl fencing for your home in Calgary, no matter what your requirement or preference. Available in different designs and styles, vinyl fencing is tough and aesthetically pleasing. Also, they only require little care and maintenance. 

Vinyl fencing is a great substitute for wood as it combines the aesthetics, privacy, and style of wood with the toughness and strength of PVC. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a commonly used long-lasting substance for window frames and siding. Call us to learn more about plastic fencing.

Types of Vinyl Fencing Options Available

A-Plus Vinyl Fencing offers different types of vinyl fencing to make sure that you receive the exact product to meet your needs. Types of fencing we provide include:

  • Vinyl Full Privacy – These fences are designed and built to a height that only a few people can look over. It doesn’t have any spacing between panels which increases the privacy you have in your yard or property.
  • Vinyl Lattice Top – If you are thinking of adding curb appeal to the exterior of your home, lattice top vinyl fences are a perfect option. Incorporation interlacing accents, fences topped with latticework are an immediate hit in any neighbourhood.
  • Vinyl Picket Top – This is an attractive and more traditional yet cost-effective look. Each panel is much the same as the privacy fencing at the bottom, but the top half is more open with pickets allowing visibility and some space.
  • Vinyl Ranch Rail – Commonly established at ranches and farms, vinyl ranch rail fencing is used to restrain larger animals and is an easy way to set up a border around your property.

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We have high-quality vinyl fences that will enhance the appearance of your property in Calgary

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Why is Vinyl Fence Better?

Minimal maintenance

Vinyl fencing is strong and long-lasting. It can remain flawless even with limited care and maintenance. With vinyl fences, you don’t need to have routine cleaning or repair work. A vinyl fence is a great choice that helps you save time and money on maintenance and repair costs.

Strong and Durable

Aside from providing privacy and security, vinyl is a strong and sturdy material. It does not rust, corrode, or decompose. It is resistant to moisture and does not get damaged by pests. As a result, vinyl fences will last even with minimum care. They do not bend, break, or get deformed easily because of their high flexibility. Even in areas that experience harsh winds, moisture, precipitation, or extreme temperatures, vinyl fences can stand firm without any serious damage.

Ease Installation

Vinyl fences are much easier to install and use fairly less time than wooden or metal fences. 

Call A-Plus Vinyl Fencing Today

When you need a new vinyl fence for your home or business, call A-Plus Vinyl Fencing. We offer various vinyl fencing options in Calgary to meet your style and structural needs. Our fences come with a lifetime warranty and we typically do not require a deposit on our services. Call us today to request a free quote for your new vinyl fencing in the Calgary area.