Watch this video to see how to install the Caldwell Ornamental Fence.


The Caldwell comes with extended pickets and a uniformed flat top picket. This will give your fence a sense of style, but also a smooth finish. The Caldwell looks great in any application

Rackable steel fence is easy adjustable to the sloped terrain, multi-layer powder coating for exceptional anti-corrosion protection & weather resistant reliability.

Available Size Option

  • 4’/ 46″ Panel Height
  • 5’/ 58″ Panel Height
  • 6’/ 70″ Panel Height

Post Length

  • 108″ Post for 6′ Fence
  • 96″ Post for 4/5′ Fence

Post Dimension

  • 2″ posts
  • 2 1//2″ posts


This video shows the suggested installation of Malden Metal’s Ornamental Gate. This decorative iron fencing can be installed on almost any grade. Matching gates and a large selection of hardware are available to you. Whether you’re building for the residential or commercial iron fence, we can meet your project’s needs. Our fencing systems are versatile, durable, and easy to install. Malden Metals is your trusted line for ornamental fencing.


True Guard™ Protection System

  • To prevent rusting from base material, all of our products are galvanized and have a Zinc Mass of 180g inside and out.
  • To ensure superior adhesion, each of our products undergo seven stages of pre-treatment with zinc-rich phosphate.
  • To cover all welds and cut edges, zinc-rich epoxy primer powder coating is applied to all our products.
  • To achieve exceptional anti-corrosion and weather-resistant performance, polyester finish powder coating is administered to our products.

More Layers, More Protection